The mystery of the red box

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The mystery of the red box

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The mystery of the red box

The first trailer for the film released in summer You can view the original teaser trailer below. Speculation over what the film was about was stoked by the idea that the information was out there, if you could only solve the puzzle.

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Even a misheard line at the 1: Websites cropped up, some official, others fan created, purporting to have some connection to the kaiju film that would officially release as Cloverfield. At one point in the film, the cameraman Hud, voiced by T. Miller, spots another person on the streets with a camera, filming the destruction taking place in New York City.

The two turn and briefly film one another, planting the seed that there were a number of stories that could be told from the point of view of different people who experienced the destruction of New York, but the idea of a Cloverfield sequel or side story fizzled out as the s became the early s.

Fast forward to January 15, —nearly eight years to the day after Cloverfield premiered—when out of nowhere the following trailer dropped in theaters: The speculation machine fired up once again.

How was this mysterious new film connected to Cloverfield?

The mystery of the red box

How had they kept this secret—again! Rather than marketing the film with as much advance buzz as they could muster, the Bad Robot team elected to let the mystery and the name recognition garnered from the break out success of the original film to sell the new installment.

Utilizing many of the same websites built to add to the mystery around the film, most notably Tagruato. Thus, the film adapted from a script originally called The Cellar was released as 10 Cloverfield Lane on March 10, As for how 10 Cloverfield Lane was connected to Cloverfield… it would be stretching to say that the former was even tenuously connected to the latter at all.

To be honest, that description sounded like it potentially had more in common with the events depicted in the final act of 10 Cloverfield Lane than in the original film. As you can see from the above trailer, those assumptions were wrong. After almost two years and nearly 50 failed attempts to get the particle accelerator working, the crew is beyond edgy.

Something they probably should have thought of before committing the material and energy resources to building the Cloverfield and its particle accelerator, huh?

None of the above is spoiler material, as that all takes place in the first 15 to 20 minutes. That said, it does help to have some familiarity with the film.

Of the three films, there is the most connective tissue between Cloverfield and The Cloverfield Paradox. I wonder if there will be a film that attempts to bridge it back in with the other two films in the series.

The film does a good job of building the atmospheric horror early on, which gives way to more dark comedy about midway through, then changes to a more dramatic and emotional punch late in the film as you learn more about why Hamilton is aboard the Cloverfield in the first place.

Releasing the movie on Netflix right after the Super Bowl for a late night change of pace was absolutely the right move. I enjoyed both of them, for what they were. That said, there is speculation that the next entry in the series has already been filmed and is in post-production.Oh and the mystery box now shows like all 50 of it's contents, which before it only showed the one 6 star and 3 5 star monsters.

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