The metaphor of driving in how i learned to drive a play by paula vogel

These range anywhere from 13th century trailblazing classics to modern classics novels and nonfiction. Looking to finish my year with a round number of books read, I selected Paula Vogel's Pulitzer winning drama How I Learned to Drive, a play with a double meaning that focuses on the difficult subject of sexual abuse and molestation. While I was disturbed while reading through thi An ongoing personal project of mine is reading the books featured in Great Books By Women by Erica Bauermeister.

The metaphor of driving in how i learned to drive a play by paula vogel

When other venues shy away, the theater embraces, often taking on subjects many find too difficult to confront. The two primary characters are often flanked by a Greek chorus, playing various characters, comprised of Sherry Hopkins, Mikaela Krantz and Alex Krus.

Themes and Meanings

Though the various flashbacks obviously illustrate her genuine feelings for Peck, her cognizance of the abnormal nature of the relationship sneaks through and belies her complicity.

Her child age performances are never over-the-top and flow seamlessly into the wiser adult version of the character. The perspective she gains late in the story is both heartbreaking oddly comforting. Healy is fair as the tortured soul that is Uncle Peck.

However, for such an emotionally scarred character, he is too even-keeled sometimes.

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The buried trauma is there, but sometimes gets lost in the nice guy act Peck puts on as a front. When her under-control surface starts to crack, the audience gets a glimpse of a sad, desperate woman held back by traditional gender roles.

Drive is the Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama. Except, the scenes featuring her in the car with Peck do very little to set up this resolution.

How I Learned to Drive by Katy Newton on Prezi His wife describes him as a big bull, wanting sex every morning and every evening and even coming home at lunch for it. Theater Works in
How I Learned to Drive - Wikipedia The script is a memory play told largely out of chronological order, with the first scene taking place in in a parking lot in rural Maryland.
Click the heart to favorite Plot synopsis[ edit ] The play tells the story of a woman nicknamed Li'l Bit as she comes to terms with her sexually abusive relationship with her Uncle Peck throughout her adolescence. Aside from Li'l Bit and Uncle Peck, a Greek Chorus of three is on hand to play all of the other characters in their lives.
How I Learned to Drive - Paula Vogel - Google Books I previously designed Or, and The Book of Will, and in both of those shows, our biggest task was narrowing in and making it feel more intimate. All the actors are very exposed.

Asking an audience to invest an hour and a half watching a play involving difficult, controversial subjects should at least warrant strong reasoning and a thoughtful resolution. The end of Drive feels like an abrupt afterthought.

Like Vogel got to a point where she had to wrap it up and came up with an epilogue to just end it.


Theatre Arlington ought to be commended for taking on a socially conscious piece like Drive. And to their credit, the production is solid.directed by Rachel Joseph. Wikipedia: How I Learned to Drive is a play written by the American playwright Paula play was premiered on March 16, , off-Broadway at the Vineyard Theatre.

Vogel received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the  · One of the major themes in How I Learned to Drive, the Pulitzer-winning play by Paula Vogel, is sexual abuse of adolescent girls, particularly by family members or friends.

However, Vogel  · How I Learned to Drive is a play written by the American playwright Paula Vogel. The play premiered on March 16, , Off-Broadway at the Vineyard Theatre.

Vogel received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the work. It was written and developed at the Perseverance Theatre in Juneau, Alaska, with Molly Smith as artistic director. The story Using the metaphor of driving and the issues of pedophilia, incest, and misogyny, the play explores the ideas of control and manipulation.

The play was hailed by The New York Times, who said, "Ms. Vogel has written a lovely, harrowing guide to the crippling persistence of one woman's memories." "How I Learned to Drive" is very modern in its presentation, but enormously unnerving. Its use of a Greek chorus and minimal stage props just adds to the eeriness and vulgarity of the story.

What is scary and truthful about this play is that in some families, occurrences like this may be According to a PBS interview, playwright Paula Vogel felt "dissatisfied looking at the movie-of-the-week approach," and decided to create How I Learned to Drive as an homage to Nabokov's Lolita, focusing on the female perspective instead of the male point-of-view.

The result is a play that depicts a pedophile as a very flawed, yet very human.

The metaphor of driving in how i learned to drive a play by paula vogel
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