The life and times of sir arthur conan doyle

Sherlock Holmes[ edit ] Doyle struggled to find a publisher for his work. His first work featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Doyle felt grievously exploited by Ward Lock as an author new to the publishing world and he left them. Doyle wrote the first five Holmes short stories from his office at 2 Upper Wimpole Street then known as Devonshire Placewhich is now marked by a memorial plaque.

The life and times of sir arthur conan doyle

The Doyles were a prosperous Irish-Catholic family. Charles Altamont Doyle, Arthur's father, a chronic alcoholic, was a moderately successful artist, who apart from fathering a brilliant son, never accomplished anything of note.

At the age of twenty-two, Charles had married Mary Foley, a vivacious and well educated young woman of seventeen.

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Mary Doyle had a passion for books and was a master storyteller. Her son Arthur wrote of his mother's gift of "sinking her voice to a horror-stricken whisper" when she reached the culminating point of a story.

There was little money in the family and even less harmony on account of his father's excesses and erratic behaviour. Arthur's touching description of his mother's beneficial influence is also poignantly described in his autobiography, "In my early childhood, as far as I can remember anything at all, the vivid stories she would tell me stand out so clearly that they obscure the real facts of my life.

He was in tears all the way to England, where he spent seven years in a Jesuit boarding school. Arthur loathed the bigotry surrounding his studies and rebelled at corporal punishment, which was prevalent and incredibly brutal in most English schools of that epoch.

During those gruelling years, Arthur's only moments of happiness were when he wrote to his mother, a regular habit that lasted for the rest of her life, and also when he practised sports, mainly cricket, at which he was very good.

The life and times of sir arthur conan doyle

It was during these difficult years at boarding school that Arthur realized he also had a talent for storytelling. He was often found surrounded by a bevy of totally enraptured younger students listening to the amazing stories he would make up to amuse them.

Bygraduating at the age of seventeen, Arthur Doyle, as he was called, before adding his middle name "Conan" to his surnamewas a surprisingly normal young man. With his innate sense of humour and his sportsmanship, having ruled out any feelings of self-pity, Arthur was ready and willing to face the world.

The life and times of sir arthur conan doyle

Years later he wrote, "Perhaps it was good for me that the times were hard, for I was wild, full blooded and a trifle reckless. But the situation called for energy and application so that one was bound to try to meet it. My mother had been so splendid that I could not fail her. One can get a fairly good idea of the dramatic circumstances which surrounded the confinement of his father to a lunatic asylum in a story Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in called The Surgeon of Gaster Fell.

Family tradition would have dictated the pursuit of an artistic career, yet Arthur decided to follow a medical one.

This decision was influenced by Dr. Bryan Charles Waller, a young lodger his mother had taken-in to make ends meet. Waller had trained at the University of Edinburgh and that is where Arthur was sent to carry out his medical studies.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a proponent for the Spiritualism movement.

Learn about Doyle, Spiritualism, the Cottingley Fairies and Harry Houdini. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Watch video · Doyle died of a heart attack in Crowborough, England on July 7, Early Life.

On May 22, , Arthur Conan Doyle was born to an affluent, strict Irish-Catholic family in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes has ratings and 22 reviews. Though Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's name is recognized the world over, for decades the ma /5. Arthur Conan Doyle was born on 22 May in Edinburgh into a prosperous Irish family.

He trained as a doctor, gaining his degree from Edinburgh University in He worked as a surgeon on a. Author Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 60 mystery stories featuring the wildly popular detective character Sherlock Holmes and his loyal assistant Watson. On May 22, , Arthur Conan Doyle was born in.

Conan Doyle also twice ran unsuccessfully for parliament. In later life he became very interested in spiritualism. Conan Doyle died of a heart attack on 7 July

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