Small business ent 1 investigate performance

Early life[ edit ] Jackson top, second from left on the Victor Mills team.

Small business ent 1 investigate performance

We are an unbiased, independent subscription based stock selection service. We research large, publicly traded companies that are undervalued, and ready to make a move. As an investor you know the move off the bottom is where the big money is made.

Small business ent 1 investigate performance

We find stocks to buy when every research analyst is walking away from them. When Wall Street hypes it, you want to sell it. Why, because we recognize the truth about things and not the nonsense that television commentators talk about which we call NOISE. This would be far more dangerous than our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nobody recognized this except for us. We are looking for three times to ten times our investment on energy stocks. What are you investing in. We want you to put up a dollar to make five.

Your investment advisor is driving a Mercedes and you are trying to stay even in the market. We take no fees or stock warrants in any of the companies we write about. Our only source of revenue is your subscriber fee. This aligns your investment objectives with ours.

Just look at our track record on the left menu which gives our documented results from The numbers are staggering. We will put our results up against any professional money manager in the country. There are no untested start-ups in our work.

You can sleep at night owning the stocks we like. On occasion we will select a small cap stock. We do the work, your portfolio shows the profits, what could be more comforting than that. This is information you NEED to have, and if you are like our other subscribers, you will be sharing it with all your friends.

We also offer at time some stocks to watch. Is our service expensive? Try our service, and get to know us. We have worked for some of the finest investment banking firms in the world. Some of us were partners of these firms. Our founder is currently the Senior Managing Partner of an internationally prominent money management, and deal-making firm.


To operate in the investment world at these levels, it tells you what our capabilities are. We are experts in large cap and small cap stocks. We understand how money is made, and why certain individual investors lose money because of a lack of knowledge.

Some lose because the game is biased against them. You need information to make money in the market, not the superficial information that Wall Street publishes for the masses. Surely, it must have occurred to you that when a Wall Street firm manages money for a Chairman of a Fortune company, somebody is getting preferential treatment?

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Somebody is getting the best stocks to buy now. When you are getting into a stock, the big money may be getting out.Oct 26,  · iTunes 12 brought a redesigned user interface, complete with many changes to how things look and where things are located, smaller fonts, and the removal of the popular all users have received these changes well and some aren’t too thrilled with the differences, and for some users they may wish to downgrade iTunes 12 back to the iTunes .

Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more. Joseph Jefferson Jackson (July 16, – December 5, ), nicknamed "Shoeless Joe", was an American star outfielder who played Major League Baseball (MLB) in the early s.

He is remembered for his performance on the field and for his alleged association with the Black Sox Scandal, in which members of the Chicago White Sox participated in a conspiracy to fix the World Series.

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