Should college athletes gpa be raised

Those who say college student-athletes should not be paid argue that they receive scholarships as a form of payment for their talents.

Should college athletes gpa be raised

The current research tends to examine this problem as there is growing concern and debates on various forums and scholarly studies regarding the academic performance and academic success of college athletes in today's higher educational institutions of United States of America.

The research also suggested these student athletes from the very start or school level are not well prepared to go to college as compared across the country as compared to their non-athletic counterparts. Accordingly, there is huge gap between academic performance i.


Seeing the gravity of the concern, NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association has taken various steps in last couple of years to ensure that athlete students perform in the college curriculum and earn substantial GPA.

One of these steps included the NCAA mandate in which college athletes have to gone through certain academic standards for the entrance into the college. However, Zimmerman and Yancey argued that despite some of the laudable steps of NCAA, majority of athlete students across the colleges of Unite States of America struggling to maintain their GPA while some other athletes failing to even earn their college degrees.

Many questions have also been raised regarding the potentiality of student athletes that are low prepared to be admitted to colleges across the country.

S provide admissions to student athletes based on their sports potentiality that they could provide benefits to the college institutions.

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Within this situation, the athletes in U. S colleges are given entrance to colleges with much lower GPA's and test scores as compared their non-athletic counterparts, hence providing insufficient comparable standards for athlete students to reach statistical significance GPA scores.

This scenario has raised several questions that on what basis athlete students should be admitted to college and whether raising or rigidly enforcing GPA standards for these athletes would have an impact on their academic performance Horton, Hence, this research tend to examine the impact of high school GPA and test scores of both athletic and non-athletic students comparable to their college graduating GPA in order to examine that should the GPA standards for college athletes be raised or rigidly enforced to ensure their academic performance.

Very little research studies in the past have been conducted to examine the impact of incoming GPA and test scores of college athletes and non-athlete students with their graduating GPA Hildenbrand, This research therefore tend to compare the college graduating GPA of both athlete and non athlete students related to their high school GPA and ACT score in order to examine the performance of athletic students, whether there are underperforming as compared to non-athletic students and should GPA standards for college athletes be raised or rigidly enforced to enhance their academic performance.

The research will take into the random colleges of United States of America that have sufficient number of athlete and non-athlete student population in order to analyze the performance of athlete students that in turn guide the question of whether to raise GPA standards for those athlete students or rigidly enforced.

The research will also take into account the impact of several variables such as ethnicity, gender and type of sport of college athletes in order to examine where GPA standards should likely to be raised and where it should be rigidly enforced.

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The study also put light on performance of student athletes when it is compared against the non-athlete students with relatively similar ACT test and GPA score in their high school or student's prior college qualification scores Hildenbrand, ; Horton, ; Knight, ; Rishe, There is significant difference between graduation GPA scores of athlete and non-athlete college students each year.

There is a significant relationship between gender and graduation GPA score of college athletes. There is a significant relationship between sports and graduation GPA score of college athletes. There is a significant relationship between ethnicity and graduation GPA scores of college athletes.

However, this performance measurement score related with college athlete students participation in sports varied with both positive and negative views. The studies that indicated the positive relationship have been looked with perspective that GPA standards should be flexibly raised while those research studies that examined the negative relationship suggested that GPA standards should be rigidly enforced.

Also those that indicated no relationship of athletic participation and GPA suggested the choice between either Knight, ; Horton, They also found no significant differences in the scholastic and intelligence competence of athletic students when compared with non-athletic students.

Researchers however documented that there is significant gender differences between college athletic students when compare with their academic performance in terms of GPA scores.

They found that women athletic students as compared to male athletic students have higher mean GPA and competence scores in the academics of college.

The researchers argued that while no significant differences found in GPA scores of athletic and non-athletic student in their empirical research, gender differences indicate the major concern because majority of male athletic students are reported to have numerous challenges adjusting their minimum GPA scores and even those male students that have good GPA scores are found to have financial problems and lack of teachers' support in their college academics.

This difference was also documented in their study that male college athletic students engage in more rigorous sports which impede their attention and time towards the academics. The study indicated that minimum GPA standards for male athletic students as compared to female athletic students should be significantly raised or even rigidly enforced to allow male athletic students to balance their sports participation and academics in order to raise their GPA outcomes.According to Scruci, the new raised GPA requirement should not be difficult for most Bowling Green athletes to achieve.

Last year just three student athletes were below the GPA. “Schools exist because of academics, not athletics,” Scruci said.

Should college athletes gpa be raised

These athletes instead will get rewarded with two more years of a scholarship, and they should be able to earn meaningful degrees that could help them get high-paying jobs after school. On Monday, board members were told if they wanted student-athletes to maintain a minimum GPA, the same requirement must be made of a student wishing to participate in any extra-curricular activity.

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Delete Cancel. Sep 06,  · While freshmen only need a GPA to be eligible for competition now, the new rules require student-athletes to have a . If the expected GPA is then the athletes are at a C average which doesn’t require much effort.

This GPA should at least be a GPA so students are forced to ask for help and forced to communicate with their teachers, even forcing them to communicate with their peers for help.

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