Project canvas shoes

Fabric Mod Podge see link below Fabric scraps Paintbrush, 1 inch or smaller Small dish You can use any canvas shoe for this project—tennis shoes, espadrilles, ballet flats, etc. Before you begin, remove any laces and run the shoes through the washer and dryer to get them as clean as possible.

Project canvas shoes

Three things make this shoe special: There are endless options so you can create a unique pair to match your style. Empowering women and children: Each pair of shoes is hand-made by entrepreneurial Kenyan women, our Maker Mums. We develop long-term partnerships with our suppliers so we can ensure our entire supply Project canvas shoes is socially and environmentally responsible.

The espadrille is a timeless shoe style. It's versatile, casual, and comfortable, and our Classic Afridrilles add a couple key improvements: We offer our Classics at a discounted price in our four most popular colors: Available Colors for the Classic Afridrille We think the Classics are gorgeous, but we wanted a challenge: Could we make this shoe fully customizable, a perfect reflection of each customer's individual style?

Each customer creates their own unique shoe by selecting from: Using their interactive software, you can see exactly what your shoe will look like as you select from an wide variety of options.

The Afridrille Designer on Desktop The Afridrille Designer on Mobile Zazzle is providing us with the use of their proprietary design software at no cost during the Kickstarter so you can see exactly what your shoes will look like as you design them.

Customers will receive a link to design their shoes on the Zazzle platform at the end of the campaign. Positive economic and social impact is what sets the Afridrille apart from other purpose-driven shoes.

All our Mums earn above-market wages, have health insurance almost never provided by the private sector hereand are able to send their children to school. None of our Maker Mums were homeowners when they started working with us, and now today half own their own homes.

Every single cent of our net income supports life-changing care for children with special needs through our Special Needs Centre and medical camps. Every step of our supply chain represents a positive economic benefit to each person who helps make the Afridrille.

Our suppliers are long-term partners who provide meaningful jobs and have excellent standards of employment. All our Custom Afridrilles are silk-screened by hand at our partner Color Creations, for example.

We source our leather insoles from a local boutique tannery, and our blue-and-orange tags are hand-beaded by Maasai craftswomen. Now it's time to have fun! Here is a look at our other Ubuntu Made products that are in the rewards packages: Heavyweight oz plain weave canvas Tag: Leather tag beaded by hand by Maasai artisans Print: Silk-screened by hand using water-based, non-toxic inks Leather: Traditional Spanish jute rope sole lined with vulcanized rubber for durability Backers can choose from almost unlimited design options!

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The fit of our shoes is true-to-size and intentionally snug at first. A ruler or tape measure Masking tape or a pencil A door or flat section of wall with flat baseboards How to measure your feet: Barefoot, stand straight with your heel against the wall or door.

Who wants to measure feet in the morning anyway? Mark the end of your foot by placing a piece of masking tape or a pencil on the floor parallel to the wall, flush with the tip of your furthest toe. Stand back up straight and check again.

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The development objective of Second Reaching Out of School Children Project for Bangladesh is to improve equitable access, retention and completion in quality primary education for out-of-school children in selected under-served areas. Men Slip Women Espadrilles Flower Green Flats Shoes US Canvas on Unisex Shoes 12 Size Breathable Loafers.

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Project canvas shoes

Totally free shipping and returns. Designing your own shoes is the ultimate fashion statement for fashion-forward kids who enjoy expressing themselves through their wardrobe.

Project canvas shoes

Using a pair of plain white canvas shoes, your child can embrace his inner designer and create a look all his own.

How to Glitter Up Your Old Canvas Sneakers