John douglas millar art writing assignment

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John douglas millar art writing assignment

As this is a key text, I am using it initially to complete the Intro to HE exercise on reading. It is dependent on our consciousness. A landscape, then, is the land transformed, whether through the physical act of inhabitation or enclosure, clearance or cultivation, or the rather more conceptual transfiguration of human perception, regardless of whether this then becomes the basis for a map, a painting, or a written account.

That is a double layer of interpretation so would the viewer of the painting interpret the identity of original view the same way? Or is it like looking at a something through a filter or lens created by the painter, like a bias that might persevere after viewing?

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Does that make a moment bounded time? What would landscapes look like on curved space? Who decides what is out of place though? Which is the art? Because they remember the work and their reaction to it? For instance, dehumanising people makes it easier to denigrate?

Again can this be applicable to other topics? The context can be important here: Robert Smithson did a similar thing: If you could simulate the smell, sight, breeze etc would you have the same experience as actually being there?

Lost in trying to find out where to start? Lost reduce the 3 dimensions around us to a 2D representation? Normal to represent the 3D as 2D that we walk on, what would happen if we represented the 2D we see as one still image?

All cities starting to resemble each other — what is the effect on sense of place? Does the way you move around it influence your perception of it? Can you make the familiar into something unfamiliar?

How can you tell that? Could this be done with other specific materials? Places can take identity from myth or place can be at odds with history. Communities can be bound by place. Similar to the support group for those who fit more than one category of minority.

How does subdividing further help? Work towards representation for all by focussing on similarities instead of differences?

John Douglas Millar

Does painting the crumbling buildings free them to create a new identity or does it constrain them? Could it draw attention to the density of dereliction in each area? Living on the land nomadically without making claim?The Writing Centre is a peer tutoring service offered to the students of John Abbott College and coordinated by the English department.

Each semester over 50 students who are strong in English help other students develop their reading and writing skills in one-on-one tutoring sessions. In a series of essays, John Douglas Millar explores the influence of art on writing and writing on art, and contemporary phenomena of artists who are writers, fictions .

Feature Art/Writing. John Douglas Millar on why experimental writing thrives in the art world. Literature is like phosphorus, it shines with its maximum brilliance at the moment when it attempts to die.

May 16,  · Books: Place by Dean & Millar May 16, January 2, ~ nicolalog Place by Dean, T. and Millar, J. seems to discuss the idea that everyone’s idea of any place is an individual, personal and emotional thing.

Fragments that might open up and point towards the dimmed but nonetheless live ember that is the radical potential of writing and art making in the 21 st Century. Our speakers, I believe, are uniquely placed to help us navigate and ignite these tinders.

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john douglas millar art writing assignment

John Douglas Millar’s Brutalist Readings: Essays on Literature is a significant intervention into recent debates on the place of literature and writing in the context of contemporary art. Featuring essays on the highs and lows of the conceptual turn in poetics, avant-garde literary genealo.

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