Emerging security challenges for touris

Nov 22, Abstract This paper highlights six emerging trends in the tourism industry - the rise of Chinese tourists, increased terrorism attacks, rise of cruise holidays, advances in information technology, investment in tourist sites and enhanced transportation. The opportunities, challenges and implications posed by these six emerging trends are discussed. It used to be dominated by tourists from the western countries, and visiting largely conventional destinations in Europe, America and some other places in Asia such as Thailand and the Caribbean islands.

Emerging security challenges for touris

Some of the Major Current Issues Confronting Tourism July Few people would question that tourism and travel can be highly volatile industries.

A great deal of the industry is dependent on the leisure traveler. However, tourism is composed not only of leisure travelers but also other groups such as business travelers, and these non-leisure travelers often act and spend in the same way as leisure travelers.

Tourism and travel professionals know that their industry is exposed to political, health, and economic undulations. While to some extent industry leaders are forced to react to circumstances outside of their control, an awareness of current challenges can help these leaders to prepare for eventual challenges and to seek ways in which to lessen the negative impact of exigent circumstances.

Below is a list of some of the current challenges facing the tourism and travel industry. Tourism is a highly taxed industry. Few people, outside of the tourism and travel industry, realize just how many taxes travelers pay.

Look at the percentage of taxes paid on an airline ticket, a hotel room, or a rental car. When government officials claim that they must provide additional protection services to non-residents they often fail to take into account just how much money non-residents add to a local economy not only through purchases but also through the payment of taxes.

Global standardization has produced less unique locales. The globalized marketplace means that often the same products are available throughout the world.

Emerging security challenges for touris

If part of the reason for travel is to learn about or have the opportunity to explore the unique and different, then the sameness factor is a major tourism challenge. For example, shopping malls around the world often seem to offer the same products and many travelers find hotels to be so standardized that they almost forget in what county the hotel is located.

Tourism and travel are highly dependent on the cost of fuel. The recent rise in the price of fuel such as gasoline has a major impact on the entire industry. Summer is the high season for travel and with the cost of gasoline on the rise, many travelers may have to adjust their spending or vacation length in order to pay for additional fuel charges.

Those locales that are taking this challenge into account and seeking creative solutions will be the ones best prepared to overcome this challenge. The wireless communications world means that one can be there without being there.

The new world of telecommunication can offer many advantages to both the traveler and to the travel industry. However, it also means that leisure travelers no longer are simply on vacation. Instead they expect to be connected to business and family at all times.

In a like manner, when word-of-mouth combines with telecommunication, then publicity, news stories and events are spread instantaneously throughout the world.

The telecommunications revolution also means that business meetings may be conducted on-line or via satellite rather than face to face and may eliminate the need for many business trips. Finally, the telecommunications revolution means that virtual reality often replaces classical reality.

No longer can just one city lay claim to an attraction when other cities can reproduce the same attraction in a virtual state.

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Security is a major challenge to the tourism and travel industry. The tourism and travel industry should have received a major wake-up call on September 11, Unfortunately many industry leaders simply provided lip-service to security issues rather than confronting the problem.

Too many tourism offices or convention and visitors bureaus have no or almost no contact with their local police departments. Too few city councils or local governments have provides their security agencies e.

Safety is another challenge facing the tourism industry. The current population is aging perhaps like no other one in history. As the baby boom generation those born between increasingly approaches its 6th decade of life, many of its members are refusing to slow down.

Emerging security challenges for touris

Although the baby-boomers bodies are aging, travel and tourism officials are seeing many of these people practicing all sorts of physical activities, from motorcycling to skiing.

Mobile medical units may be needed, others will need special diets and readily available pharmacies open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Closely related to safety issues are health issues such as pandemics that can easily cause tourism panics.The tourism sector is driven by the private sector but needs public sector intervention The challenges of the tourism sector: Competitiveness and the Business enabling environment The Multi-sectoral in scope: transport, accommodation, food and beverages, tour operation, security, safety, health and insurance etc.

A new Division within the NATO International Staff has been created in order to deal with a growing range of non-traditional risks and challenges. The new Emerging Security Challenges Division (ESCD) started its work beginning of August and will be focusing notably on terrorism, the proliferation of.

Medical Tourism: Emerging Challenges and Future Prospects ABSTRACT: India is emerging as a prime destination for health and contributing a lot towards the social-economical development of the society by enhancing employment opportunities and an increase in foreign exchange earning and helping in uplifting the living standards of the host.

Nwokorie, Edwin, Emerging Security Challenges for Tourism Development: Effect on the Nigerian Economy (May 31, ). Journal of Women in Technical . Abstract The economic potential of the tourism industry in Nigeria is enormous.

Tourism is an increasingly important source of income, employment and wealth in many countries and its rapid. Journal of Women In Technical Education & Employment; Vol. 7 No 2. May, 33 EMERGING SECURITY CHALLENGES FOR TOURISM DEVELOPMENT: EFFECT ON THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY.

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