Eddie mabo speech

The UNTOC and its Protocols on human trafficking, migrant smuggling and firearms trafficking provide a vital platform for international cooperation. A landmark moment for international crime cooperation, the mechanism will enable states to share good practices and challenges, improve capacity to prevent and combat transnational organized crime, as well as identify specific needs for technical assistance. Australia also highlighted our own efforts to tackle modern slavery and human trafficking at domestic, regional and global levels.

Eddie mabo speech

Aunty Clara Ogleby, I begin by acknowledging and paying my respects to the Kuku Yalanji people, Traditional Owners of the place upon which we sit and talk today. I honour your Elders that have come before you, those that are here today and I wait in optimistic anticipation for those Elders who are yet to emerge.

I stand here proud to bring a message from my Elders. First, they ask me to pass on their greetings and their thanks Eddie mabo speech allowing me on your lands.

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They then said to tell you they are aware of your continued fight for your culture and your country and salute you for your ongoing struggle. Can I also acknowledge all you here today who have come together to work out how we can access our land, seas and waters easier and quicker, but who have also come to talk to each other about how we can make better use of our estates to make life a little better for the rest of our Eddie mabo speech out there.

Typical of such awards, the citations are generally understated and this is particularly so in your case.

Eddie mabo speech

Husband, father, grandfather, mate, advocate, achiever, Principal and mentor. Please join with me in acknowledging the life long accomplishments of Russell Taylor.

When I looked over the lives of these two great Australians I was struck by the similarities of their struggles and the qualities they each share. Rob was at the forefront of the fight for land in Western Australia, particularly at Nookanbah and when the WA Government led the resistance to national land rights legislation.

In my tribute to Rob, I mentioned how losing that fight for national land rights lit the fires for what was to become the fight for native title led by Eddie, with Rob being part of the leadership that negotiated the Native Title Act through the national parliament to give legislative effect to the High Court decision championed by Eddie.

They both endured early hard lives that steeled them for the struggles that would eventually come their way. Tenacity, fearlessness, fearsome, tireless are some of the words that come to mind when the names Rob Riley and Eddie Mabo are mentioned. Another similarity is something that sometimes we do not acknowledge enough.

And that is the cost to both men and their families. Birthdays, anniversaries, sports events and special schools days were missed.

Eddie mabo speech

Family gatherings were foregone. And these were the costs borne by the whole family. Australia owes you a great debt. Today I want to talk about how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can be the leaders to grasp new opportunities that will leave a legacy for generations to come.

Their hard fought battle against the Queensland government finally consigned the lie of terra nullius to the historical dustbin and recognised the unique rights that we hold as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to our traditional land and waters.

Without this foundation, there would be no opportunity for us to access these rights through this unique form of land tenure. But without warriors such as Eddie, David and James, Rob and countless others, we would not be in the position regarding Indigenous land tenure that we are in today.

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Despite the fact that the challenge of gaining native title is still a fight that many of us share, there has been a shift in focus now and we have started to see a gradual change in terms of ownership. That nearly a third of our land mass is Indigenous owned is testament to this.

I have heard many stories from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and Traditional Owners about the many barriers they face in reaching their potential benefits under land rights and native title.

These things range from various legal and administrative barriers that are placed on us once a native title determination has been made and includes various tax and regulatory standards placed on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the post determination phase, conflicts between individual and communal property interests and issues arising from the conversion of title.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. First Australians is an Australian historical documentary series produced by Blackfella Films over the course of six years, and first aired in October The documentary is part of a greater project that further consists of a hard-cover book, a community outreach program and a substantial website featuring over mini-documentaries.

Eddie Mabo was an Indigenous Australian man from the Torres Strait Islands known for his role in campaigning for Indigenous land rights and for his role in a landmark decision of the High Court of Australia which overturned the legal doctrine of terra nullius which characterised Australian law with regard to land and title.

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Eddie Mabo Eddie Koiki Mabo: Land Rights in the Torres Strait I would like to first of all express my sincere thanks to the organizers of this conference: in particular the James Cook University Student Union and the Aboriginal Treaty Committee in Townsville for allowing me .

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