Distinction between leadership and management essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Distinction Between Leadership and Management Essay Sample The simple question on the distinction between management and leadership is common, yet there are so many different answers that create confusion by academic research. Management is to provide order, consistency and stability so mangers are task oriented.

Distinction between leadership and management essay

Difference Between Leadership and Management Difference Between Leadership and Management 2 February Leadership Since long, the deep-rooted difference reigning between leadership and management has fuelled a raging debate.

To manage means to bring about, to accomplish, to have charge of or responsibility for, to conduct. Leadership is influencing, guiding in a direction, course, action, opinion. The distinction is crucial. The engagement into the debate to differentiate the 2 terms, calls for settling down on definitions in endemic framework.

The leadership trait theory postulates that people are born with specific features which make up their personality.

Since those distinct traits are linked to skillful leadership, it assumes that once people with the right traits have been spotted, potential leaders will be unveiled.

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Various studies have attempted to determine which qualities are essential in a leader. One American study cites the following: Therefore a leader is a person who selects, equips trains and influences one or more follower s gifted with specific skills and channels that follower towards achieving the organizational mission and objectives.

In this process, the leader puts forward this vision in contrast to the present status of the organizational and by making use of analytical thinking skills, insight, intuition of convincing grandiloquence and interpersonal communication, the leader smoothens and puts into limelight opinions and beliefs of the followers such that the latter can step out of ambiguity into clarity and shared vision, which results in influencing the follower to embrace the future state of the organization as a covetable condition deserving personal commitment and corporate resources.

A leader achieves this by using ethical means and covets the greater good of the follower during the course of action such that the latter is better off as a result of integral communication with the leader. A leader, aware of the uniqueness of each follower, brings about unity of common goals and vision without jeopardizing the personality of the follower.

The leader executes this through modernistic flexible means of education, support that meet, within realms of reality in terms of range of the organizational resources, the demand of the person.

A leader recognizes the major influence of audiences outside of the organization framework and depicts the organization to them with a view of giving good impression of the organization objective.

Distinction between leadership and management essay

To contrast with, management, in all business and organizational activities ascribes to the action of gathering people with an aim of reaching a certain set of goals and objectives by making an efficient and effective use of available resources.

Since organizations are viewed as systems, management can also be translated as the human effort including design, to ease production of useful outcomes from a system.

Distinction between leadership and management essay

The American Marketing Association: From the enlightenment provided above, we cannot overlook the fact that leadership and management do differ.

The rhetoric about the distinction between leadership and management has been long and until today, put forth with hope of being answered coherently, especially in our modern business world. In many a case, these two terms have been used interchangeably, but in fact, there reigns an immense difference between them.

A leader is a manager but a manager is not necessarily a leader; and this is majorly from where stems the various theories highlighting the differences between leadership and management.

There are other differences as well, and they are enormous and crucial. Transactional leadership, a popular approach for many managers, consists of working within clear structures whereby it is clear what is required from subordinates, and what rewards shall be conferred for following the orders, as compared to the Transformational leadership whereby the leader puts passion and energy in everything while also caring for the personal success and upliftment of their followers since the transformational leader seeks to transform.

Bennis further elaborated on transformational leadership as fulfilling the requirements of the following. Transformational leadership starts with the development, a view of the future that will shape and compel focus as well as excite and convert potential followers.

The Transformational Leader thus takes every opportunity and will use whatever works to convince others to climb on board.

Distinction Between Leadership and Management | Essay Example

This essential part can be linked with Heifetz theory of dispersed leadership where the latter argues that the role of the leader is to help people face reality and to mobilize them to make change A huge contrast to what management does: While transformational leadership is about implementing new ideas, staying lexible and adaptable and continually improves those around, its polar opposite, transactional leadership stresses on how to be effective within the status quo itself, a style mostly adopted by management.

Purely task-oriented leaders are likely to be psychologically distant managers. Management tends to more task-focused compared to leadership. They create a comfortable and friendly environment while de-emphasizing the productivity of task. Authority Compliance Manager Low people-High task concern One can derive that pure management leans more on concern for production and that its starts embracing effective leadership when it shows a higher concern for people.

A situation where a group of people aiming at achieving a certain goal will pave the way to spot a potential leader. In fact management solely will rather focus on task needs, that is, the achievement of a goal or task as being the responsibility of the leader. This relates to the fulfillment of a very practical activity or it may also be a less tangible objective.

For successful completion of the task, the leader must be capable to identify the available resources both in terms of people and systems in line with the fruition of the identified aims. He provides feedback to the group about the overall progress, establishes, agrees and communicates standards of performance and behaviour as well as sorts out culture.

She monitors, maintains discipline, ethics. She is expected to anticipate and resolve group conflicts, and develop team spirit and collective maturity. Managing the individuals relates to meeting the needs of the specific people as the group takes a life on its own but the individuals keep their identify.

This is imperative to sustain motivation to complete the task. The leader is expected to wrap to assist and support them through highs and lows, agreeing upon appropriate individual needs and goals.There is a difference between leadership and management.

Managers are more concerned about planning, controlling, staffing and organizing. Leaders are . Differences Between Leadership and Management essays The differences between Management and Leaders are often difficult to discern.

People often possess both leadership and management traits, as many people in everyday circumstances use management skills, leadership skills, and a com. Difference Between The Leadership And Management Commerce Essay. A clear differentiation between direction and leading may nevertheless turn out utile - Difference Between The Leadership And Management Commerce Essay introduction.

This would let for a mutual relationship between leading and direction, connoting that an effectual director should possess leading accomplishments, .

Distinction Between Leadership and Management Essay Sample. The simple question on the distinction between management and leadership is common, yet there are so many different answers that create confusion by academic research. Oct 29,  · Leadership and management are interdependent because the principles of leadership and management should be adapted to changing environment.

Nevertheless, there are certain differences between leadership and management.4/5(10). Published: Mon, 5 Dec Introduction. The aim of this chapter is to provide the brief overview of management, leadership and the differences between leadership and management.

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