Cesare borgia

Ideology and goals Religious belief system "We're cruel and desperate creatures, set in our conquering ways. The Saxons and the Franks. The Ottomans and Safavids I could go on for hours.

Cesare borgia

See Article History Alternative Titles: His father, at that time Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, was vice chancellor of the church and had had three earlier children by other mistresses.

As was customary for second sons, he was educated for a career in the church, and in Pope Sixtus IV dispensed him from the slur of illegitimacy so that he might hold ecclesiastical offices.

At the age of seven Cesare was made an apostolic prothonotary and canon of the cathedral of Valencia. In he became bishop of Pamplonaand inafter the accession of his father to the papal throne, he was made archbishop of Valencia.

Rise to power The election of his father as pope in changed the fortunes of Cesare Borgia. It was already clear, however, that he did not have a true religious vocation; he was better known at the papal court for his hunting parties, his amorous liaisonsand his magnificent clothes than for the meticulous observance of his ecclesiastical duties.

Cesare was reputed to have been extremely jealous of his brother, and, when Juan was mysteriously murdered inthe rumour gradually spread that Cesare was the culprit.

There is, however, no evidence that Cesare murdered his brother who had many other enemies beyond the fact that he was certainly capable of murder, as he subsequently proved.

At the same time he received from Louis XIIthe French king, the title of duke of Valentinois, and from this title he derived his nickname—Il Valentino.

The French marriage of Cesare ensured for him and his father French assistance in their plans to reestablish control in the Papal States and, if possible, to carve out a permanent Borgia state in Italy for Cesare. In Cesare, as captain general of the papal army, assisted by a large contingent of French troops, began a systematic occupation of the cities of Romagna and the Marches, which had largely fallen under the control of semi-independent papal vicars.

The activities of Alexander and Cesare, although they conformed very much to a pattern established by earlier 15th-century popes, aroused immense opposition within the Papal States and from the other Italian states. The propaganda war waged against them was vitriolic and lastingly effective.

Cesare borgia

Cesare was portrayed as a monster of lust and cruelty who had gained an unnatural ascendancy over his father after having supposedly killed his brother, the favourite son, Juan.

It seems likely, however, that the two Borgias worked very much in harmony. Alexander was by far the more astute politician and Cesare the more ruthless man of action. Ambitious and arroganthe was determined to establish himself as an Italian prince before his father died and left him deprived of the political and financial support of the papacy.

A number of political assassinations have been attributed to him, but the crime of which he was most clearly the author was the murder in August of his brother-in-law Alfonsoduke of Biscegliethe second husband of Lucrezia.

It seems likely that this was an act of personal vengeance rather than a politically motivated assassination, but it contributed greatly to the fear and loathing in which Cesare was held.

He opened with a lightning march on unsuspecting Urbino, which surrendered without a shot being fired. He then turned on Camerino, which was also quickly subdued.Cesare Borgia, duke of Valentinois and Romagna ( ), was the son of Pope Alexander VI by Vanozza dei Cattanei.

He was born at Rome while his father was cardinal, and on the latter's elevation to the papacy () he was created archbishop of Valencia, and a year later cardinal. Cesare was Religion. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Lucrezia Borgia was born during Italy's Renaissance period (–), a time when artists, architects, and scientists rose to world appreciation.

She was born into one of the most well-known families in world history: the Borgias, who sought to control as much of Italy as they could.

The Borgias. Like nearly all aspects of Cesare Borgia's life, the date of his birth is a subject of conflict. However, it is accepted that he was born in Rome between and , as the son of Cardinal Rodrigo de Lanzol y Borja, soon to become Pope Alexander VI, and the cardinal's mistress, Vannozza de.

In , Duke Cesare Borgia hopes to marry his sister (widowed by poison) to the heir apparent of Ferrara, which impedes his conquest of central Italy.

Cesare borgia

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