Buffalo calf fattening programe biology essay

Back Home Fattening Of Young Cattle Biology Essay The purpose of this paper work is to indicate to the possible usage of hayfields and grazing lands as basic and cheapest fresh fish in the production of fresh fish. In order to enable stable and economic milk and meat production and genteelness offspring, it is necessary to pay attending to the production of quality majority fresh fish and dressed ore. It is besides necessary to make criterions for alimentary value of majority fresh fish which would be required on farms and families.

Buffalo calf fattening programe biology essay

Q10, Q13, Q19 Introduction Modern cowss engendering production is followed by an intensive fresh fish production on natural hayfields and grazing lands and by fiber production and the production of concentrate mixture.

Buffalo calf fattening programe biology essay

Fodder nutrient are merchandises of works, animate being and mineral beginning produced of course or industrially and its intent is to be used as nutrient for domestic animate beings.

Sing its beginning, chemical construction and energetic values there are: Fodder nutrient of works beginning or: Animal provender of carnal beginning or: Mineral-rich carnal provender like: Animal provender additives microelements, vitamins, antibiotics, fat, urea, preservatives, coloring material, fragrant and other.


Industrially produced fiber mixtures which can be: The production of green majority animate being provender could be realized on natural and unreal lawns, every bit good as on ploughed Fieldss.

Natural lawns are countries covered with workss turning wild perennial Papilionaceae. The return and quality of green fresh fish on natural lawns are non satisfactory. Artificial lawns hayfields are created by seeding perennial panicle grass Cat grass — Dactylis glomerata, Tall fescue — Festuca arundinacea, Timothy grass — Phleum pratense, Meadow fescue — Festuca pratensis, Arrhenatherum elatius and Creeping Red Fescue — Festuca rubra and Papilionaceae household Luzerne, Fabaceae Red trefoil — Trifolium pratense L.

Hayfields are used for grazing land during summer and for bring forthing beldam.

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Bulk fresh fish is used green or conserved. Drying is the oldest manner of fixing majority carnal provender. Mowed green mass could be dried on the land, devices, moving ridges or little spirals.

Grain straw and leguminosis straw are used as straw and other dry voluminous animate being provender incorporating high per centum of natural cellulose and low concentration of energy and being low digestible. Among juicy and watery voluminous animate being provender, root-like and potato-like are used, since they are carbohydrate carnal provender hapless in mineral ingredients.

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Grain carnal provender maize, barley, wheat, Sorghum vulgare technicum, rye, oats, millet are used as source, or as constituents in concentrate mixture. The biggest jobs in betterment of animate being provender quality appear because of hapless biocenose, deficient quality agrotechnical steps and frequently regular preservation methods.

Roughage mixture is made by blending wheat, secondary merchandises from Food Industry, Alfalfa flour, mineral ingredients and vitamins.

There are complete fiber mixtures, extra fiber mixtures ace dressed ores and premixes.Buffalo Calf Fattening Programe Biology Essay ; Feeding Of Goats At Different Stages Of Life Biology Essay ; SWOT Analysis Of Calf Fattening And Modifcation Biology Essay ; Foot And Mouth Disease In Cattle Biology Essay ; Biology Education Life Love Nutrition Profit Spring.

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