An introduction to the nature and the time of autumn

Those five are the duties of universal obligation.

An introduction to the nature and the time of autumn

Love and Compassion The Nature of Reality The body of the course is composed of philosophy classes supported by meditation sessions, all within a silent retreat environment.

All teachings and meditation instructions are given in English. The days in between begin with a wake-up gong at 6am and the last session of the day ends around 9pm, with teaching and meditation sessions throughout the day.

Click here for a sample daily schedule. Adjusting to the Retreat Environment A course of spiritual study and meditation takes energy, commitment, and discipline. Body and mind are not used to these very different circumstances and may react with discomfort, restlessness, boredom, doubt, criticism, fatigue or sudden, unfounded concerns.

Preparing yourself by anticipating these reactions, and committing to stick to the discipline of retreat even if they arise can be transformatory. Therefore, we have to adjust ourselves to the retreat settings: We have to adjust to keeping silence.

Silence is kept throughout the course, however during teaching sessions questions are welcomed and there will be a one hour discussion group on most days.

An introduction to the nature and the time of autumn

We may experience a lot of ups and downs during the course. Therefore, please be gentle in your behaviour and sensitive to fellow course participants and staff. We have to keep an open mind. We have to adjust to the schedule: Please follow this link for more information about The Retreat Environment.

Preparing for the Course Complete all your outside communication and arrangements before you arrive for check-in.

In order to successfully participate in the course, you must be really free from all outside commitments for the entire period of the course.

All phone calls, e-mails, letters, tickets, flight confirmations, money changing etc must be arranged and organised before the course begins.

Your phone has to be deposited with us for safe keeping during the course. Our Retreat Environment page explains why this discipline is important. You must be in good general health, both physically and mentally, to attend this course.

If you feel unwell before the course, please seek medical advice before coming here. If you take part in the course while feeling unwell you will not be able to participate fully and are more likely to prolong your sickness by over-exerting yourself.

In addition, we run large courses with shared facilities and have to act responsibly for the welfare of our students; therefore if you have been feeling unwell and have not yet received medical advice, we will ask you not to join the course.

This applies most especially to those with stomach problems or flu-like symptoms. During the course, be prepared to live simply.

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India's History | Adventure in India | Asia Homepage The World "So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds.

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An Introduction to India